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A Division of Auto Image LTD
Est. Sept. 1973

Greetings and Salutations,

I thank you for visiting our web site over the past 20 years and with some reservations, it's
time to say "Good By and we'll miss you and the support you've unselfishly provided."  This
chapter of my life began back in 1973 while managing a foreign car dealership in Beverly Hills. CA.  I began offering trim accessories and sunroof installations to many of the auto dealers
I had been associated with and eventually established ties with several distributors and other sunroof manufacturers overseas.  I also established connections with numerous auto factories in Europe and S.E. Asia, relationships that afforded me and my overseas associates to benefit from for years. 

Unfortunately the only thing 'constant' is 'change' and we either adjust or make those changes we are comfortable with and move on.  Having years of experience working with the general public, automotive factory management here in the U.S. and abroad, product and equipment manufacturers, government and law enforcement agencies, all have provided Auto Image LTD that special 'Hallmark' of credibility in selecting and offering these quality products to all of our valued clients and associates.  It's time to take a long overdue sabbatical, clear the cerebral debris, and contemplate the next chapter while the 'gray' matter is still working.  Please let me hear from you once in a while and when I've sorted out my next venture, I'll be in touch for sure. 
Kind Regards,

David Peltason
Auto Image LTD


Email: contactd@accesscnc.com